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Great neighbourhoods make great cities. Neighbourhoods are central to shaping Ontario's future. 

How can you build a great neighbourhood?

  • Know your neighbourhood
  • Know your neighbours
  • Keep your neighbourhoods clean and safe
  • Create healthy neighbourhoods
  • Share neighbourhood facilities

The story of Toronto

In 2005 a group of community leaders came together to tackle a serious threat to our city: the decline of Toronto’s neighbourhoods. The Strong Neighbourhoods Task Force was spurred into action by United Way research that revealed alarming realities about life in this city. It showed the number of high-poverty neighbourhoods in Toronto was growing at a shocking pace. Poor families were increasingly living in poor neighbourhoods, concentrated in the inner suburban communities that surround the downtown core. Poverty was just one of the inter-connected challenges facing residents in these neighbourhoods. People who wanted to improve their community often lacked the tools and support they needed. There were too few places where residents could come together. And many neighbourhoods with the highest levels of concentrated poverty had the least number of programs and services to help people build a better life. The Strong Neighbourhoods Task Force issued a call to action: to ensure that no one in our city is disadvantaged because of where they live. Neighbourhoods matter. They are the foundation of a strong, vibrant community. The health and vitality of our entire city is put at risk as long as any neighbourhoods in Toronto are falling behind.

 Since 2005 United Way has committed to doing our part to improve neighbourhood conditions, like increasing access to community services and supporting resident engagement. We have also dedicated ourselves to advocating for systemic change and policy solutions to reverse growing poverty in our city. From the beginning we understood this would require a long-term commitment — that neighbourhood change would be gradual and progress would take time. But we also knew that we had a responsibility to act. So how does a charity with a long history of meeting immediate needs begin to revitalize neighbourhoods? By leveraging our strengths: strong relationships with community agencies and local leaders; a committed base of generous donors; and an ability to bring together partners across different sectors to achieve shared goals. Drawing on these assets, United Way set out to achieve three main goals through our Building Strong Neighbourhoods Strategy:

- Focus efforts where they’re needed most - Investment and partnerships

- Support neighbourhood change from within - Action for Neighbourhood Change and Resident Action Grants

- Improve access to community supports - Community Hubs

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Great neighbourhoods make great cities. Neighbourhoods are central to shaping Ontario's future. How can we build a great neighbourhood?

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Diseases can make anyone sick regardless of their race or ethnicity. Fear and anxiety about COVID-19 can cause people to avoid

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