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In order to better celebrate Canada Day, which was held on July 1st, 2022, colleagues dedicated a few days to this important day. 

Before the programs started, we sent the prepared boxes of sweets to the participants' and neighbors' homes.

Most of the participants were in the program at the announced time wearing their local clothes along with their family members, children, or pets.

At the beginning of the program, the official anthem of Canada was played. After the participants introduced themselves, one of the immigrants, who was Indian, played the national anthem of his country and explained its meaning.

One by one, the participants talked about the customs, culture, food, and history of their country.

Reading poems in different languages was one of the interesting parts of the program.

Among other parts, was the special game that the children played at one of the participant's home that all the other participants liked. An interesting song was also sung by these children.



In the end, we asked the participants if they would like to talk about the reason they came to Canada and their dreams, and whether they faced any problems in Canada or not. They talked about their hopes and dreams and how happy they are to live in a multucultal country like Canada.














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