Second Report, Febrary 12 - 2021

The second unofficial report from the non-profit organization of The Canadian Helpers Society:

We are very happy that in the short period of time that has passed from the establishment of our non-profit organization, "The Canadian Helpers Society", we have been able to achieve the short-term goals we had set. 

Using the fund we raised, we were able to install the first bird feeder and contribute to the happiness of the people who have been isolated for the past year. Coronavirus pandemic has made seniors living in nursing homes isolated more than ever. They can not go outside and communicate with their beloved ones easily. Now with the installation of our first bird feeder, seniors wake up every morning with the sound of birds and feed them with the bird food given by our organization. With the phone call we received, some of the seniors shared with us their feelings enthusiastically. They talked about the fact that the number of birds is increasing every day and new bird species are visiting them!

With the $2,500 fund we received through the City of Waterloo Neighbourhood Matching Fund, we started “University of Waterloo Neighborhood Cooking Project” in January. We have connected neighbours with each other using communication platform software and currently they are cooking and spending happy hours together. Cooking came out as a way that nurtures the togetherness of these neighbours to make happier days for them during the ongoing pandemic.
After launching the website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages of this organization, we would like to launch our Google Ads in near future. Last but not least, we would like to thank our partners, volunteers, and co-op students who are contributing to our goals, which is to serve the vulnerable segments of our community.

First Report, Nov 22 - 2020

The first unofficial report from the non-profit organization of The Canadian Helpers Society:

During this short period of time passing from registration of this organization, we have been able to get different funds through non-stop working of our members and employees. The received funds include fund for food distribution, fund for buying laptops, computers, printers, and fund of hiring students of University of Waterloo (currently, one student helps us in practical and theoretical activities). Currently, we are involved with a fund-raising program in relation with raising money to install bird feeders and supply bird food for nursing homes, starting from the nursing homes of Waterloo region.

We are positive that our efforts will be fruitful.






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