Mandate, Mission and Vision of The Canadian Helpers Society OUR ORGANIZATIONAL MANDATE: 1. Keep our legal status current with all applicable laws at the local (Waterloo Region), state (Ontario State), and federal (Canada) levels. 2. Develop and maintain a secure and stable operating budget for the next 5 years. 3. Create and maintain a database of information and research on topics of interest to our target communities. 4. Provide children, youth and marginalized communities in need of social services referrals to appropriate agencies. 5. Develop and maintain a network of volunteers to offer community support to individuals, families, enterprises, organizations, and communities.   TCHS Mission Statement To provide female breadwinners and their families in-need, with the right education, products and services in order to minimize the socioeconomic barriers through community-oriented projects and approaches.


 OUR VISION: To be recognized as an organization that empowers vulnerable and underprivileged members of society, especially female breadwinners and their families, to thrive, overcome challenges, and take financial wellness on their own terms. 



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