The Canadian Helpers Society seeks to help low-income citizens, especially vulnerable women, achieve their rights as citizens of Canada. Although the world we live in today is full of negativity, discrimination, and injustice, there are organizations, volunteers, and people who sincerely want to stand against injustices, attempting to support and provide equal opportunities to those who are worthy. We are proud to be an organization that helps make a difference in human life. Our mission is to make a positive and lasting impact on the lives of youth, children, and marginalized communities, focusing on female breadwinners whose life is far more challenging than those living in families with more than one financially supporting member. We attempt to help the women who have lost their job due to COVID-19 and live below the poverty line. The COVID-19 has wiped off the income of women. In response to the pressures added by the COVID-19 pandemic on women in Canada, the Canadian Helpers Society team wants to organize a Bake Sale event at a park in Waterloo on July 25th, 2021, at Noon. In carrying out this mission, we need the help of our community members. We intend to develop an unbreakable network, whose members attempt to achieve justice for all vulnerable women in Canada by raising charitable donations. This objective requires the help and support of local community members of  Waterloo; their contributions would lead us to satisfy the needs of many low-income women. The rationale behind initiating this Bake Sale is to contribute to vulnerable and low-pay women to achieve a reasonable degree of independence and overcome their frustrations. The Bake Sale can provide us with an opportunity to raise charitable donations, thus allowing us to support many vulnerable women in Canada. In organizing this Bake Sale, The Canadian Helper Society team is also developing a partnership with a small bakery business called Mani’s Bakehouse, which bakes mouth-watering desserts. This is to offer everyone visiting the park favorite sweet treats such as Cake pops, Cupcakes, Cookies, and Brownies of Mani’s Bakehouse, which are worth the wait and price. All money raised will contribute to efforts to serve women and improve their living conditions. We know most of the people living in Canada enjoy their evening walks, so expect many people to visit the park with their friends, families, and children, and have pop cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and brownies on their way back home. The money raised during the Bake Sale will be donated to the women who need help in the community. Further details about the time and location will be announced soon; stay in contact, because everybody is invited to our huge Bake Sale. If today we hold hands and united as a team to help all vulnerable women in their legal, financial, and emotional issues in a possible way, we may make a difference in the world. Just remember purchasing at least one sweet delight will have a significant impact on a family's well-being!!Follow us on instagram for more updates on the Bake Sale     

The Canadian Helper’s Society Instagram: @canadianhelpers Mani Bakery’s Instagram: @manisbakehouse



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Thanks to the businesses which are taking an initiative to help The Canadian Helpers Society raise charitable donations

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