At The Canadian Helpers Society, we seek to make a difference for vulnerable and low-income women and women who are financially supporting their families on their own and cannot afford legal support. Our Mission and Value Statement address practical, powerful, and permanent changes in communities in need. Currently we are always seeking grants and collaborating with other organizations that are willing to support us to achieve our goals of a better tomorrow.We are initiating this project because we understand the difficulties these women may face when trying to receive legal help from a certified and experienced lawyer. This legal assistance can range from work discrimination, to gender discrimination, to domestic violence, to identity theft, or to write letters to file complaints or requests, or to claim emergency assistance in general. Many low-income and under-privileged women find themselves helpless and are desperate to find heart-warming and kind souls like you to rescue them from their dreadfulness.We will be collaborating with the LegalShield organization which has given us the opportunity to be in contact with a team of certified and experienced lawyers who can help the community to achieve 24/7 access to the justice system. This reputable organization was established in 1972 and has been protecting 4.4 million North Americans for almost 50 years. Their Mission is to provide affordable legal access for all, valuing liberty, equality, opportunity, and justice. Our aim of collaborating with them is to help achieve the desired level of affordability for vulnerable and low-income group women so that their moment of hopelessness can be prevented.With 25 dollars we can ensure that women and her dependents have legal protection. The amount may sound like not much to manage but for a woman, finding hard to make ends meet, may make wonders when it comes to seeking legal justice. If she has to take 25 dollars out of her necessities budget to afford a legal plan to protect herself and her dependents, it is even more unlikely for her to afford a lawyer who will bill her hundreds and thousands without our help. They have little time to investigate what options are out there for them to win against conflicts and inequalities because they are working bill to bill to feed and shelter their families. Our organization will educate them through a series of webinars with knowledgeable speakers. Ultimately, we will use social media platforms and Google advertisements to bring awareness of this service. We are doing this to grant a protective and life-changing favor for diverse individuals, so please join us in making this meaningful and significant change.

Any donations will create a meaningful impact on one family's future.
Thank you for supporting us.Please visitĀ hereĀ to help.



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